About Us

AddinShare was established in 2016, as SharePoint consulting firm with the mission to “Add everything to your SharePoint”. We dedicated to find the best add-ons for our customers. We are partners of the most popular SharePoint solutions or add-on vendors.

Free demo for all Add-ons

We provide free demo for all add-ons we have, our clients are able to try, compare add-ons from different vendors.

Expert suggestions help our clients find the best add-ons for SharePoint.

Your One-Stop SharePoint Add-ons Shop

With over fifty add-ons available, we enable our clients to find add-ons to their needs with lower price.

Back-to-back with the Publisher

Buying any of the products, you get the exact same software and the exact same support level from the Publisher, as if you had purchased direct.

As soon as we receive your order and authorize payment, the Publisher is simultaneously notified with your contact details and the products purchased, so they can update their systems and be ready to provide you with any help you might need.