Edit, Check in, Approve/Reject and Tag documents in bulk, Greatly save time and increase productivity.


Bulk edit metadata (properties) for documents or items in one go without having to index them one by one, thus reducing repetitive tasks and increasing productivity. Features such as auto complete, field mapping, changing content types, appending changes to existing values and so on, all empower you to update properties quickly and easily.


Edit metadata for a group of documents individually. The preview function, combined with features such as reusing metadata for items and navigating between items using the Next and Previous buttons, will help you make changes accurately and where necessary.


Instead of checking in files individually, you can batch check in documents with the options to choose different versions and add comments.


Perform two tasks at once. Upload multiple documents and index their column values immediately with three bulk options: bulk checking in, bulk editing and group editing.


You can manage settings at site collection, site and list levels. Settings configured at the site collection root will automatically pass down to subsites for reuse. Then, it requires less work to break the inheritance and customize settings for individual subsites and lists.

Product Features

Bulk edit metadata for multiple documents or items at once

Bulk edit content type

Supports all column types

Easy filling with auto complete function

Map metadata to any column

Append changes to multiple value columns

Provides the option to check in while editing multiple documents

Force users to fill in required fields

Edit metadata for documents or items individually within a group (Group Edit)

Preview document with multiple file formats supported (Group Edit)

Automatically fill in empty metadata fields with preset values (Group Edit)

Navigate between items using the Next and Previous buttons (Group Edit)

Bulk check in multiple documents

Import multiple documents and index them immedietly

Bulk approve/reject documents or items

Mass tag multiple files or documents

Manage settings at site collection, site and list levels

Control user access to the Edit All or Preserve Authors and Timestamps function

Compatible with SharePoint Document Viewer

Compatible with SharePoint Column/View Permission

Vendor BoostSolutions
Compatible with SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010
Languages English, Japanese, German
Browser IE 8.0+, Chrome, FireFox
Latest Version 3.5.920.1
Latest Release Date Sep. 20, 2019

Bulk Properties Editor

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